JARVIS: Personal Voice Assistant

Artificial Intelligence when used with machines, it shows us the capability of thinking like humans. In this, a computer system is designed in such a way that typically requires interaction from human.

I have named my voice assistant, JARVIS. JARVIS is made using Python programming language. I used Visual Studio Code to edit code.

Features of this project

  • It can send emails.

  • It can do google search for you.

  • It can show the COVID-19 Update.

  • It can open any apps.

  • It can play music.

  • It can do Wikipedia searches for you.

  • It can open websites like Google, YouTube, etc., in a web browser.

  • It can give weather forecast.

  • It can play video on YouTube.

  • It can have some basic conversation and many more.

Python Libraries Used In This Project

  • Pyttsx3: It is a python library which converts text to speech.

  • SpeechRecognition: It is a python module which converts speech to text.

  • Datetime: This library provides us the actual date and time.

  • Wikipedia: It is a python module for searching anything on Wikipedia.

  • Smtplib: Simple mail transfer protocol that allows us to send mails and to route mails between mail servers.

  • Pyjokes: It is a python libraries which contains lots of interesting jokes in it.

  • Webbrowser: It provides interface for displaying web-based documents to users.

  • Winshell: It is used for accessing special folders, for using the shell's file copy, rename & delete functionality, and a certain amount of support for structured storage.

  • os: It represents Operating System related functionality.

  • Requests: It allows a user to send HTTP/1.1 requests using Python.

  • BeautifulSoup: It is used for web scraping purposes to pull the data out of HTML and XML files.

  • Speedtest: It is used for testing download and upload speed of internet.

  • Psutil: It is used to access system details and process utilities.

  • Pyaudio: It is used to play and record audio on a variety of platforms.